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He and She: Propel Your RelationCraft

He and She were discussing challenges that She is facing with her next novel … She: “My characters are not having a relationship!“ He: “Oh really?” She: “They’re having parallel lives …” He: “Fictions within a fiction?” She: “Parallel li-V-es, dear.” … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: The Lamebda Variant

“I don’ get it, dude.” “Don’ get what, dude?” “This lambda variant a tha coronavirus, dude.” “An’ yer unhappy ’bout this fer why? I sez ya figger out whut’s runnin’ through yer veins, bottle that sauce an’ sell it, an’ mebbe we get … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude Have A Bite

“Hey, dude.” “Dude!! Where tha hell ya been?“ “Out tryin’ ta do s… ah, stuff afore peeps start lockin’ us all down again.” “Yeah right. Ya really think …” “ACK!!!“ “[…] Out a practice, yeah?” “Ain’t that one a tha symptoms … Continue reading

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