Starship Train

Starship Train is an obvious homage to Gene Roddenberry’s most famous creation, which, from its inception, was known to insiders as “Wagon Train In Space”. The voyages of the starship Boobyprize are infrequent – it’s not like there aren’t gazillions of other people making contributions to the great buzzing ball of Star Trek fan fiction – but on occasion, there just doesn’t seem a better vehicle to fit the topic than Captain Kirkland and crew.

The first Starship Train mission appeared in September 2009.


Buggy Whip (11 March 2020)

Christmas 2013 – Day 12 (5 January 2014)

Christmas 2014 (25 December 2014)

Cop-it-ulation (17 December 2017)

Emocracy (2 April 2017)

The Holiday Spirit (24 December 2012)

Mind Meld Madness (28 August 2013)

Six Stardates Shall You Labor (5 September 2016)

Take Charge (18 July 2015)

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