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He and She: Just Sew Sew

He: “So, the top one’s been washed, the bottom one hasn’t been, yet. Yes?” She: “Yes. Sigh.” He: “So what we have here is the incredible shrinking placemat?” She: “[grumble]” He: “Since the fabric on the top one’s wrinkled, I … Continue reading

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He and She: Once Upon A Telecommute

She: “Come to lunch!” He: “OK …” She: “… um … are you working?” He: “Yes.” She: “Well, you could have told me that you were too busy to stop for lunch right now.” He: “I could have, but I didn’t. No … Continue reading

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He and She: Crazed

She: “Sweetheart?” He: “Yes, m’love?” She: “I need a story!” He: “And where do you think we’re going to put one?” She: “Um …” He: “C’mon. You remember how this place shook during the last earthquake. It’s got all the stories it … Continue reading

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