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He and She: Robin the Habitat

He and She were sitting around the dinner table, sharing and discussing the events of the day. They were in their cabin in a clearing of the north woods, and as they talked, they watched the fox hunting voles, the … Continue reading

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Aloha ʻOe (The Dude and Dude 2023 Year In Rear View)

“A flippin’ flannel shirt, dude?!?” “Put it in tha box wit’ tha rest a ’em, dude.” “‘Tha rest a …’ Dude, this is Hawaiʻi! Where a dude c’n roast at midnight wearin’ skivvies! Where did this come from, an’, like, fer why?” “It … Continue reading

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He and She: Just Another Day of the Weak

She: “Today is Wednesday, correct?” He: “All day.” She: “Wed-nes-day?” He: “Same rules of pronunciation used to say ‘Worcester’.” She: “What rules?” He: “Don’t get me started. The names of the days of the week have never made any sense. Why should they start … Continue reading

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