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He and She: A Nice Hawaiian Shirt

She: “Honey?” He: “Yes, m’love?” She: “How’d you like a nice Hawaiian shirt?” He: “Su … uuh, where are you going with this?” She: “To my sewing room. Where did you think I was going with that? Don’t you like the shirts that I … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Auld Lang Syne Wave

“… uh, dude?” “Yeah, dude? Anʻ whyʻre ya whisperin’?” “ʻCuz Iʻm tryin’ ta be real quiet, like it sez over there. Don’ wanna make no noise. Don’ wanna start no trouble. Yeah?” “[…] Riiight. Whoʻre you an’ what’ve ya done … Continue reading

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He and She: The Neuropath Less Traveled

She: “Pain.” He: “Sorry, I can’t see through it.” She: “I’d like to see my way through to the end of it, I’ll tell you!” He: “Word. Where does it hurt?” She: “I don’t know.” He: “[…]” She: “Don’t you roll your … Continue reading

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