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He and She: Just Sew Sew

He: “So, the top one’s been washed, the bottom one hasn’t been, yet. Yes?” She: “Yes. Sigh.” He: “So what we have here is the incredible shrinking placemat?” She: “[grumble]” He: “Since the fabric on the top one’s wrinkled, I … Continue reading

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He and She: Once Upon A Telecommute

She: “Come to lunch!” He: “OK …” She: “… um … are you working?” He: “Yes.” She: “Well, you could have told me that you were too busy to stop for lunch right now.” He: “I could have, but I didn’t. No … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: This Is Not The Fund You’re Lookin’ For

“So I wuz watchin’ this chick, dude …” “What wit’, dude? Binoculars?” “I don’ …” “So she couldn’ smell ya an’ run off screamin’?” “Riiight, dude. Go ‘head, try it yer way an’ have her run off screamin’ that yer a coronavirus … Continue reading

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