Dude and Dude

Dude and Dude are two (maybe) twentysomething virtual slackers, whose real names have been forgotten even by themselves as they face Life, the Universe, and the nightly set-your-watch-by-them arguments of the da Silvas on the second floor. They are lazy, obnoxious, obsessed with sex (though the closest they get to an actual date is the annual swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated), and almost impossible to tell apart except for their choices of technology. They would be even more outrageous, were it not for their fear that O Ceallaigh, their literary agent, will use the delete key on them if sufficiently provoked. Of course, they can’t agree whether the delete key combination in question is command-X (Mac OS) or control-X (Windows).

The Dudes have been around since March of 2006, during which time they’ve done tours of both coasts of the United States plus Hawai‘i, and this is their space. Just ask them.


[deleted]by Boom (28 April 2015)

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Balms Away (3 March 2019)

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Chaired (11 August 2019)

Do the Wheels Go Round For Squares? (6 September 2013)

Doin’ the Math with Attitude (18 June 2012)

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The 8 Team (19 June 2016)

End Times (7 May 2016)

Flu Id (10 May 2022)

Fried R Ice (16 September 2014)

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The Lost Cause, Hawaiian Style (17 February 2019)

Prism Sentence (9 December 2018)

Stash (22 October 2023)

The Weight (25 November 2018)

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