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He and She: Negated Negative

He: “Um … sweetheart?” She: “Yes, love?” He: “Did you bring the dog?” She: “The … dog?” He: “You know, the dog. Say ‘yes’.” She: “What dog?” He: “The cat then.” She: “I’ve been asking for a cat or a dog for years! And you … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Better Sit Down For This One

“Hey, dude!” “[…] Do I look like a scarecrow?” “Lemme put it this way, dude. If’n I brained ya, ya’d have one.” “Dude, yer a genius!” “Ya finely noticed?” “Yeah. Ever’ time I get ta thinkin’ that this social distancin’ thing is gettin’ kinda old … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: One Fine Day At the Filling Station

Attendant: “Good morning, sir.” Customer: “Yeah? Whaddaya want?” Attendant: “For you to be wearing your mask while you’re here.” Customer: “Argh. You sheeple should by whying these damned masks!” Attendant: “Ours not to reason why, sir. Ours but to do what … Continue reading

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