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He and She: Doughnutty

She: “And you’ll be glad to know that, while you were showering and dressing for the conference that you’re driving to this morning, I got your breakfast ready for you.” He: “Great. Because by the time I get there, I’m … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Chaired

“Marco!“ “Polo!” “Parko!” “… whut?” “As in ‘park it’ so’s I c’n talk wit’ ya, dude.” “Yeah? What ‘ bout? It’s late. Dude needs his beauty sleep, yeah?” “Seriously, dude? I gotta tell ya, ya c’ld do tha Rip van … Continue reading

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He and She: Recipe for Road Rage

She: “Sweetheart?” He: “Yes’m?” She: “I just saw on Fa…” He: “Scraper alert!!” She: “No, we do not live in Boston (thank God!), and we do not keep a scraper in the car year round!” He: [sighs] “Just on the … Continue reading

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