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He and She: Bedtime Buggy

He: “Good night, love.” She: “I don’t [ptui!] think so!” He: “What’s the matter? Not sleepy?” She: “No! Because you haven’t saved me yet! You’re supposed to be my rescuer!“ He: “And what am I supposed to be rescuing you … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Post Haste

“OK, dude, wuzzat?” “What’s it look like, dude?” “Yeah, but what kind?” “Old?” “That ain’t a kind, dude, it’s a label. An’ it ain’t a very kind one neither.” “Hokay, it’s well weathered. Happy now?” “Yeah, kinda.” “Riiight. Watch yerself, … Continue reading

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He and She: Pop Pup Mews

He emerged from the bathroom and began to dress for work. She sat up in bed. “I dreamt …” He: “Wait …” She: “No try wait! I dreamt that I went out to tend the garden and I found a … Continue reading

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