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He and She: Pooling Their Resources

In case, dear reader, you’re tempted into thinking that Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba makes this stuff up …

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Dude and Dude: And the Goose Is …

“Dude?” “Yeah?” “Whut’re ya doin’ in tha kitchen?” “Tryin’ ta rustle up sumthin’ ta eat. Duh.” “They don’ deliver pizza no more, dude?” “I’m payin’ fer it wit’ yer good looks? B’sides, I jus’ might want sumthin’ that ain’t a brick a salt dyed … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Honestific

“Dude?” “What’cha got, dude? An’ is there a cure fer it?” “Ha. Ha ha. Ha. Here, dude, lemme thaw out yer COVID shot fer ya.” “Riiiight, dude. An’ when they hauls ya afore tha judge, what’re ya gonna say, yeah?” “That’s zactly whut I wanted … Continue reading

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