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Dude and Dude Have A Bite

“Hey, dude.” “Dude!! Where tha hell ya been?“ “Out tryin’ ta do s… ah, stuff afore peeps start lockin’ us all down again.” “Yeah right. Ya really think …” “ACK!!!“ “[…] Out a practice, yeah?” “Ain’t that one a tha symptoms … Continue reading

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He and She: Tooning In

He and She were enjoying their nightly dessert … He: “I don’t suppose, these days, that anybody’d get it if they tried. But they should still try.” She: “Who’s they?” He: “Costco. Some enterprising baker over there ought to trot out … Continue reading

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He and She: Kayakitiyak

She had prepared hash for dinner, and, as usual, He was making a hash of it. He: [sets a black peppercorn to one side of his plate] She: “Hey! You’re leaving out the best part! If you don’t want that, … Continue reading

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