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Dude and Dude: Prize Turkeys

“‘Bout time ya got back from tha store, dude.” “Gimme a break, dude, I got distracted.” “Yeah right. Whut wuz her name, an’ how many seconds did she give ya afore she …” “By this, dude.” “Jeheezus, dude! Give a dude … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Dated

“OK, dude, what is that?” “I dunno, dude. Where is it?” “Outside.” “An’ ya think I’m gonna know whut it is? Ya think I’ve been outside enny more’n you have?” “Well, yer tha one whut talks wit’ OC. An’ he’s been declared essential, so he ain’t been locked up wit’ … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: See Me, Hear Me, Touch Me – Not

“Dude?” “What?” “Who was that masked man?” “What?!?” “I said, who was that masked man?” “How should I know, dude? He wuz wearin’ a mask!” “[…] Same as you, dude.” “An’ you!” “So wha’d he tell ya?” “What?!?” “Tha’s whut I asked ya, dude!” … Continue reading

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