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He and She: Aloha Owie

She: “Sweetheart?” He: “Yes, love?” She: “Did you by any chance get the number of that truck?” He: “What truck?” She: “The one that just roared by the house and knocked all the stuff off my shelves!” He: “Nope, sorry, … Continue reading

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He and She: Sealed

He: “I really don’t understand how these people stay in business.” She: “Which people?” He: “The ones giving away all this free stuff in their products. Shouldn’t they be charging for it?” She: [Sigh] Sweetheart, haven’t we been through all … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: Killer

Granny: “All right. Which one of you miscreants posed for this … for this … thing?!?” The Rest of J-Pod: “Not me!” Granny: “Harrumph. With all the other things we have to put up with from the humans, now we … Continue reading

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