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Amoeba’s Lorica: Cold Comfort

Patient: “So what’s up, doc?” Physician: “Bugs.” Patient: “Very funny.” Physician: “Sorry. It is the day after Easter, I’ve got bunnies on the brain. And, begging your pardon, but I wasn’t the first to quote Looney Tunes.” Patient: “Touch√©. And … Continue reading

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He and She: Concert Preparation

She: “All set for the gig this evening?” He: “Well, the horns are cleaned and ready, the music’s in order, I have a stand …” She: “You’re taking a stand?” He: “Of course. Taking a stand will do me some … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: Out of the Mouths of Babies

Does anybody know of a place that does trick-or-treating for adults? I’m looking for a place that hands out tacos and margaritas. – Facebook post Boy, age 10: “Dad?” His father: “Yes, son?” Son: “What’s an adult?” Father: “Someone that … Continue reading

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