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He and She: Canned Music

She: “Ack!” He: “What? Are the geckos dive-bombing you again?” She: “They are not, but some of them sure seem to have death wishes, running underfoot all of the time. But that’s not what I’m acking about. The pantry is … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Take the Ling Way Home

“Yo, dude!” “Whut?” “What’s that on tha ceiling?“ “Salty.” “[…] say whut?“ “Ya heard me.” “Do I look like a sheepdog, dude?!? B’sides, they’s only one a ya. Which is enuff, yeah? I wouldn’ try ta herd ya even if’n … Continue reading

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Reg and Syd: The Exploit of Happiness

Reg: “Now this is what I call ‘following up on your advantage’. Syd: “Do tell.” Reg: “You remember, Syd, how, earlier this year, Dan Edelman’s people reported that ’employers’ are now the most trusted people in the world?” Syd: “I … Continue reading

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