He and She: Canned Music

She: “Ack!”

He: “What? Are the geckos dive-bombing you again?”

She: “They are not, but some of them sure seem to have death wishes, running underfoot all of the time. But that’s not what I’m acking about. The pantry is empty! Where are all of my cans? I just went to the grocery store, I don’t want to have to go again. One session with mobs of crazy people a week is enough!

He: “Um … I might be able to help you with this …”

She: “How … what are you doing with my cans?!?

He: “What you told me to.”

She: “What .. I .. told .. you .. to ..”

He: “When I said that I didn’t have any rocks. You told me to use cans.”

She:No can …”

He: “Too late.”

She: “How did you get stuck into this?”

He: “Told you that. One of the music groups I play with handed me this ten-pound pile of music and then said ‘why don’t we rehearse this, and this, and …’. Well, after ten minutes of searching for each one, we hardly got any playing done. So now I get to try to get this book organized. I might get it done in two weeks.”

She: “But, the cans?

He: “We stay Hawai‘i, yeah? With all the windows and doors open to catch a breeze, yeah? The cans are helping me not play 252-chart pickup while I’m trying to make some sense out of them.”

She: “I thought this band gig stuff was about dollars, not cents.”

He: “Only if I can find the tunes I’m supposed to play at a gig in time to actually play them.”

She: “OK, I suppose. But I’m still disappointed.”

He: “I’m sorry. What about, this time?”

She: “I never thought I’d see the day when my trumpet player would resort to canned music!”

He:Can music, love. Not canned. Matter of fact, I’m trying to not get canned here.”

She: “Tell that to my cans! But don’t get me wrong, dear, I’m still your biggest fan. Even bigger than the ceiling fans over that table. And I’m really worried about you getting too hot while you’re sorting that music. Let me turn the fans on for you …”

He:Don’t you dare!

She: “Oh … um … yeah, I suppose that would be kinda mean, wouldn’t it?”

He: “No, precious, you’re not mean.”

She: “Thank you, my …”

He: “You’re just a brat!


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3 Responses to He and She: Canned Music

  1. Quilly says:

    Never a dull moment. The exact reason you love me, beloved. Don’t think I don’t know.

  2. Nathalie says:

    Left me laughing.

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