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Kris an’ Murphy: Wunderwaffe

Kris: “Happy Overshoot Day, Murphy. Not.” Murphy: “Meh.” Kris: “Huh?” Murphy: “Most of us are living off credit from the banks and the government, right? Especially these days. We may as well be living off credit from the planet, too.” Kris: “Yeah? So what’s Earth going … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: The Daily Scaries

So, apparently, this is a thing. “What kinda thing, OC?” Dunno, dude. Why don’tcha go schedule a meeting about it? And stop interrupting! “Sheesh, dude. Didya hit yer head fallin’ outa bed this mornin’ ‘r somethin’?” Maybe if you shut your mouth and … Continue reading

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Reg and Syd: That Sucking Sound Is Coming From the Cloud

Reg: “Hah! Still think any of this climate change nonsense is going to hurt business, Syd?” Syd: “Let’s just say, Reg, that I continue to look for prudent investment opportunities in this sector.” Reg: “Of course, of course! As do we all, for every sector. … Continue reading

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