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He and She: A Nice Hawaiian Shirt

She: “Honey?” He: “Yes, m’love?” She: “How’d you like a nice Hawaiian shirt?” He: “Su … uuh, where are you going with this?” She: “To my sewing room. Where did you think I was going with that? Don’t you like the shirts that I … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: Losing COVID Religion, Part Third Degree (UPDATED 20 November 2021)

If you reduce the [COVID-19] infection rate too far, then most of the population does not become infected and that means that once you stop policies such as social distancing the virus can emerge once more and we all have … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: A Dawn in the Life

A work of fiction, standard disclaimers. So what if you, a Western-style middle class individual, wake up one morning, and most of the Industrial Revolution and post-Industrial Revolution conveniences that you take for granted are gone …? Leonard opened his … Continue reading

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