Dude and Dude: Imagine …

Happy New Year, dude!”

“Meh. Ask me ‘gain inna couple hours, dude.”

“‘Smatta, dude? Too many shots?

“Didya see me on tha floor las’ night? I’m tuffa than tequila or firecrackers. But …”

Whose butt?”

“Careful where ya’s goin’ wit’ that, Buttinski. Ya might not like tha ansa. What I ain’t tuffa than is tha news. What wit’ tha shutdown an’ tha crashin’ markets an’ all this talk ’bout walls, an’ is Trump gonna take ovah as a damn god now that tha Congress is fixin’ ta do nuthin’ but scream at itself …?”

“Aw c’mon, dude! Itsa new year! Look on tha bright side! Use yer ‘magination!

“I ain’t got ’nuff, dude.”

“Yeah right. Ya got ’nuff ta ‘magine all this dark stuff!”

“That don’ take much, dude. Yer askin’ fer a whole nation‘s worth!”

“… whut?

“Mebbe I got ’nuff fer a small nation.  Like Monaco ‘r Nauru ‘r somethin’. ‘Specially Nauru, which is tiny ta start wit’, an’ what didn’ get taken out by minin’ is gettin’ swallowed up by tha ocean so it’s gettin’ even smalla. But that’s maybe. I ain’t really sure I got enuff fer Kona. That’d be a imagivillage, ‘r maybe a imagitown. Might could be that imagihouse is as good as it gets, dude.”

“Dude?”The Political Spectrum


“Way ta start tha new year off right, dude!”


“OK, center!

“Not bloody likely, dude.”


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  1. Nathalie says:

    “Look on tha bright side!”
    LOL. Not bloody likely.

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