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Scentsible Shoes (Microfiction Monday #72)

“Dude?” “Yeah?” “I don’t get it.” “I keep tellin’ ya, dude. Don’t download apps y’don’t understand. They’ll trash yer computer, and ‘help’ desks are always useless. Especially for your machine. Y’know why they call it ‘Windows’, don’tcha?” “No …” “‘Cause … Continue reading

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Reg and Syd: Carnegie’s Folly

“A second glass of port, Reg? That’s unlike you. Is something amiss?” “Hmm. I shall have to take better note of your developing powers of observation. I am a bit troubled tonight.” “Doesn’t take much observing power to spot a … Continue reading

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Screwtape The Third: Comfort, Be Damned

“Well, Wormsap, I’d have to say that, in the little matter of your saintly intrusion, we got off better than we expected.” “Indeed, sir. I hardly expected the Adversary to allow his spy to leave the Hadean Estates without even … Continue reading

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