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Screwtape The Third: Adversary-al

“So why are you showing me this, Wormsap? It’s just another piece of [ptui!] the Adversary’s propaganda. There’s enough of it – for all the good it seems to be doing old lock-Jah, given events topside. I thought you had … Continue reading

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Screwtape The Third: Pledge of Allegiance

“Wormsap!!” “Yes, Master Screwtape?” “I just saw this report on investment trends in our war-related properties. It’s shocking! We can’t sustain this! If it continues, Grandfather’s response will make the fate of your uncle look like a vacation in Purgatory. … Continue reading

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Screwtape The Third: The Offer

“It’s victory, Master Screwtape!” “Indeed, Wormsap? It looks like a pile of paper to me.” “But it’s a really great pile, sir! It means that, finally, our little border war with the East Asia subregion is over. Printphubar renounces all … Continue reading

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