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Kris an’ Murphy: Pop (Goes the) Ulation

Kris: “Hey, Murphy, did you hear the good news?” Murphy: “What? The President and VP will die in separate plane crashes on the 4th of January?” Kris: “Making Nancy Pelosi, the likely Speaker of the House, President? Nice fantasy, but … Continue reading

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Kris an’ Murphy: Opinions At Ten Paces

Kris: “You order the wine yet, Murphy?” Murphy: “Haven’t seen the waiter yet.” Kris: “Good. We can get a bottle of whisky instead.” Murphy: “That kind of day, huh?” Kris: “That kind of year, Murphy. I’m so sick and tired … Continue reading

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Kris an’ Murphy: Tenure? Click Here

Kris: “‘One down. The rest of us to go.’ I tell you, Murphy, this Melissa Click sacking business is serious! If we university faculty members don’t rise up against it now …!” Murphy: “Yes, yes, I got the union’s letter … Continue reading

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