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Screwtape the Third: Verse and Versity

[…] uh, Wormsap?” ” … mmmuh-hmm …” “[ahem] Woormsap!” “[urp!] Y-y-yes, Master Screwtape?” “”Daffodils, Wormsap? Daffodils?!? You’ve been in my office for eons, with a perfectly good lava flow to view, and an infinity of viewing screens showing an infinite number and variety … Continue reading

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Kris an’ Murphy: The Great Wreckoning

Somewhere, deep in the wilderness of Zoom, our two (at this writing) tenured university faculty contemplate their future … Kris: “Are we having fun yet, Murphy? … You’re on mute.” Murphy (unmuting): “Yeah, Kris, there’s a reason. I don’t trust … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: Rage Against the Caterpillars

PEONIA, ILLINOIS (API*): At a Zoom press conference today, hosted by University of Illinois Extension, representatives from the Milkweed Promotion and anti-HAte Team (MilkPHAT) described a pest plague that is devastating milkweeds, and decried the lack of human intervention against … Continue reading

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