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Disappearin’ Student Body Blues (Microfiction Monday #71)

“Spooky, dude!” “Yeah. Susan‘s gotten herself into some real dark an’ stormy places lately, ain’t she?” “Dude. Tunnels, even.” “Not any of ’em more scary-lookin’ than this one.” “Yeah. Looks like our old high school. Before the last round o’ … Continue reading

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Screwtape The Third: The Saint

“Master Screwtape, sir?” “Ah, Wormsap. Come in, come in. Sit here, in the sofa by the picture window, and watch the lava lamp with me.” “Diabolical, sir. A lava lamp seventeen stories high, with real lava.” “And it heats several … Continue reading

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Love Story (Quilldancing # 2)

As many of you know, Quilly kicked off the New Year (2011) with a new writing feature. The idea is that, on the first of every month, Quilly posts a prompt, and those who accept the challenge respond to it … Continue reading

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