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He and She: Crazed

She: “Sweetheart?” He: “Yes, m’love?” She: “I need a story!” He: “And where do you think we’re going to put one?” She: “Um …” He: “C’mon. You remember how this place shook during the last earthquake. It’s got all the stories it … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude Do a Thing for Christmas

“Merry Christmas, dude.” “Dammit, dude!” “… whut?” “How many Christmases I gotta tell ya? I ain’t marryin’ no chick what only shows up like once a year!” “That’s, like, once more than yer gettin’ now, dude.” “[…] Dude?” “Yeah?” “I don’ mind … Continue reading

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He and She: It’s the Season (Again)

He: “Yep, it’s here. It’s the season.” She: “No! Not yet! Can’t we wait until after Thanksgiving? I’m not ready for nonstop Ho Ho Ho. And I’m really not ready for nonstop Christmas music concerts! About the only times I get to see you between Black Friday and … Continue reading

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