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He and She: The Disloyal Opposition

She: “So I was at the store today, looking at the cast iron frying pans and …” He: “No.” She: “What?!?” He: “No. No. Non. Nyet. Nein. ‘A‘ole. Hie. Ix-nay, ady-lay.” She: “I don’t suppose any of those mean ‘maybe’.” … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Paging Buffy

They’re five feet two and they’re six feet four They fight with missiles and with spears They’re … “Wait … what?!?” “What what, dude?” “That’s not how tha song goes, dude! Who’s ‘they’??” “Ya know, like, us.” “Dudes like us? … Continue reading

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He and She: License Plate Licence

She: “Hey. Know what’s cool about being back on the US Mainland?” He: “The weather?” She: “That’s not cool, it’s cold! My feet are freezing!” He: “Hm. I’m just happy to be someplace they aren’t being steamed!” She: “You’re weird.” … Continue reading

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