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Amoeba’s Lorica: The Critical Condition of Critical Thinking

Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba reckons it just as well that the Hebrew sages, posing as “Moses”, who first came up with the Ten Commandments are no longer with us. Had they survived into the modern era, their bitter remorse over … Continue reading

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Kris an’ Murphy: Oh Googiful For Disney Skies

Kris: “My God, Murphy! Have you heard the latest outrage?!?” Murphy: “No. Should I have?” Kris: “Dammit, Murphy, how can you possibly not be paying attention! Every time – every time – 45 opens his phone, never mind his mouth, … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Ruined

“Whatcha got there, dude?” “Somethin’ somebody shared on Facebook, dude.” “Yeah? Lemme see … an’ they shared this when?” “Yestaday.” “Dude. This clickbait was posted, like, on March of last year! An’ yer peeps’re just findin’ out ’bout it now?!?” … Continue reading

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