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Screwtape The Third: WaterUnderworld

“Wormsap?” “Yes, Master Screwtape?” “Am I correctly informed that you have the esteemed clientele of our Pacific Northwest subregion filling sandbags?” “You are, sir.” “All of them?!?” “It’s going to take a lot of sandbags to protect your jurisdiction of … Continue reading

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Starship Train: Take Charge

“Computer.” “Yes, Captain?” “Charge my communicator 100%, please.” “Fascinating, Captain. Ancient history studies?” “Well …” “Shall I summon a security detail?” “How about a detail from the canteen instead, with a whiskey and soda? I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me, … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Voghorns

“Not happy, dude.” “Ya ain’t nevah been Happy, dude! If’n ya ain’t wantin’ ta be Dude no more, that gives ya, like, only six more choices. I vote fer Dopey.” “Not since ya smoked tha last a our stash, dude!” … Continue reading

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