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Amoeba’s Lorica: Indistinguishable From Magic

… all the things Science had promised us in filmstrips and black and white movies seen in grade school and junior high hadn’t come to pass. Disease was still a problem. Starvation was still a problem. Violence and crime and … Continue reading

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Screwtape The Third: WaterUnderworld

“Wormsap?” “Yes, Master Screwtape?” “Am I correctly informed that you have the esteemed clientele of our Pacific Northwest subregion filling sandbags?” “You are, sir.” “All of them?!?” “It’s going to take a lot of sandbags to protect your jurisdiction of … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Sustainabull

“Dude! What the hell are you doing?!?” “Crushing beer cans, dude. Doing my bit for recycling.” “Well, will you do your bit someplace else, dude? You’re making my head hurt.” “Look, dude, it takes a little effort to go green. … Continue reading

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