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AI: The Next Generations …

Mark and Kathy stood, pensively, in front of their picture window. Before them, Haro Strait glimmered in the mid-morning sunshine, with the silhouette of Victoria, British Columbia, interrupting the seam of sea and sky on the horizon. Their spacious home … Continue reading

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He and She: Cyberia

She: “AARRRRRGGGGHHH!!! I hate this phone!” He: “Again?” She: “Yet and still!” He: “So what did it do this time?” She: “What it always does!” He: “Explain.” She: “Specify.” He: “What did you ask for, and what did it do … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Siri

“Havin’ fun, dude?” “Yeah, dude! Sittin’ here cussin’ out Siri. It’s gnarly!” “Yer what?” “Y’mean y’ain’t never told Siri to, like, buzz off an’ listen t’her complain?” “Buzz off? That’s, like, kinda tame fer ya, huh?” “I used a euphemism, … Continue reading

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