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Starship Train: Take Charge

“Computer.” “Yes, Captain?” “Charge my communicator 100%, please.” “Fascinating, Captain. Ancient history studies?” “Well …” “Shall I summon a security detail?” “How about a detail from the canteen instead, with a whiskey and soda? I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me, … Continue reading

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Screwtape The Third: Computing R Us

“Wormsap, you’re looking positively diabolical. What’s up?” “Well, sir, it is that most devilish time of year.” “Yes, yes. All those devout, sanctimonious Christians raging on about how eggs are really Lucifer’s testicles [snort!], and they can’t even figure out … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: A Nightmare On E-Street

“Well, dude, that was fun.” “Not.” “Dude.” “When Quilly’s site crashed, and it didn’t come back right away, and no one would answer the phone … well, it wasn’t pretty ’round here.” “You’re surprised at this, dude? Imagine how you’d … Continue reading

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