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Dude and Dude: Sew Confused

“Big excitement at OC’s place today, dude.” “Yeah, dude?” “Quilly got a new sewin’ machine!” “Hmmm, ‘k. So?” “‘Zactly!” “So what?” “Whatever she likes, dude!” “[…] Y’need a whole machine for this?” “Dude. Y’don’t wanna be doin’ this stuff by … Continue reading

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Reg and Syd: Aurora Borealis

“Welcome back, Reg. The club seemed empty without you holding court in your regular spot.” “Thank you, Syd. But it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.” “Something in the Middle East?” “Straightforward arms deals. I left that to Simon, … Continue reading

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Reg and Syd: The School Bond

“A beautiful day, eh, Reg?” “With the rain falling in sheets and the wind blowing at 50 mph?” “Ah, but the sun is shining in your face. The rest of the news must be good.” “In that, my dear Syd, … Continue reading

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