Love Story (Quilldancing # 2)

As many of you know, Quilly kicked off the New Year (2011) with a new writing feature. The idea is that, on the first of every month, Quilly posts a prompt, and those who accept the challenge respond to it by the 15th, when Quilly puts up her own story.

Leave it to the Dudes to jump into something like this with both feet.

Anyway, here’s the February prompt, and … well, they say (you know who they are) that ‘ignorance is bliss’, but not when the Dudes get ahold of it.

February is the month of love. Your prompt requires only that you write a love story. Fashion it as you will, and remember there are many kinds of love.


“A love story? Are you shffmmmfffmmph!

“Dude, you’re a health hazard. Yech. Write about baseball.”

“Why? Because pitchers and catchers report this month for spring training? That’s work, not …”

“In honor of the number of times you’ve struck out, dude.”

“Thanks for rubbin’ it in, dude. So I don’t know much about love. What do you know about it, smart A?”

“It’s a bit like celery, actually.”

“Wha …??”

“But the stalks are more rounded, and you eat the leaves most of the time, ‘stead of cuttin’ ’em off like you do with celery. An’ you can eat the roots too …”

Gimme that! … This ain’t ’bout love, dude! It’s about lovAGE!

“So? That’s in the Bible.”

What’s in the Bible?”

You know, dude, that part where it says ‘honor your father and mother’ an’, stuff. If that ain’t lovin’ age, I don’t know what is.”

“Dude, this ain’t scripture. It’s a plant. In the tribe Apieae, no less. Which, for a leaf y’can’t smoke, is about as gnarly as it gets.”


“Yeah! ‘Cause yer usin’ it to try an’ make a monkey outa me!!

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2 Responses to Love Story (Quilldancing # 2)

  1. Quilly says:

    Making a monkey out of a dude isn’t hard work. I do appreciate you for playing along though fellas! If you see OC, tell him I love him!

  2. Mama Zen says:

    “In honor of the number of times you’ve struck out, dude.”

    That cracked me up.

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