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Dude and Dude: Cellphone!

“Dude! There y’are, dammit! I’ve been textin’ ya fer like the last ten minutes! Why didn’t ya answer?” “No phone, dude.” “Again?!? Jeez, dude, can’t ya take care a nothin’? Where’d ya lose it this time?” “Didn’t lose it, dude. … Continue reading

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TSA Jack: Tray Chic

“Hi, Jack!” “How many times …?” “Yeah, yeah. I see you been lookin’ after our security again. Nice one!” “That so? What, José, can you see?” “Alrightalright, touché. You never miss a trick, do you? Since so many of your … Continue reading

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TSA Jack: Noise Pollution

“OK everybody, here he comes. Ready? One, two, three … “HI, JACK!!” “Damitri, you are insubordinate!” “Am not. I’m in Seattle, same as you.” “Argh. Right. Who trained you?” “You did.” “And I might forgive myself for it, one day … Continue reading

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