TSA Jack: Noise Pollution

“OK everybody, here he comes. Ready? One, two, three …

“HI, JACK!!”

Damitri, you are insubordinate!

“Am not. I’m in Seattle, same as you.”

“Argh. Right. Who trained you?”

You did.”

“And I might forgive myself for it, one day before I die. It’s not like you’re the only checkpoint that’s hollering nonsense. It’s happening all up and down the line. What’s going on?”

“Just trying to do our jobs and remind the cat… um, the customers of our procedures.”

“By shouting at them?”

“Jack, you told me yourself that the baggie loads are low-return items for us. No resale. ‘Used liquids, ew‘. Any time spent confiscating them is time wasted. So we remind people that they’re not supposed to bring them through the line. The announcement plays over the terminal loudspeakers every ten minutes.”

What announcement?”

Really, Jack. Surely you know the one. Liquids in containers larger than three ounces may not be brought through any screaming checkpoint. Can’t give folk the idea that they might get to sneak anything through a quiet checkpoint, now can we?”

“Oh … my … God …”

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2 Responses to TSA Jack: Noise Pollution

  1. Quilly says:

    Damitri has a point — aside from the one on top of his head — those announcements are often difficult to interpret.

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