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Dude and Dude: Balms Away

“What’cha got there, dude?” “Nice cuppa tea, dude. Want some?” “Yeah maybe. Smells kinda weird, yeah? A’most like ya tried ta put some lemon innit but didn’t have enuff. An’ tha rest a it smells kinda, like, weedy. But not … Continue reading

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Reg and Syd: A Hiding

Syd: “One of your companies, Reg?” Reg: “Certainly not, Syd. Not enough profit anywhere in the food sector to hold my interest. Too many people thinking that food is some sort of God-given ‘right’, they get in the way of … Continue reading

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The Delphic Keyboard

She: Freud would love this one. He: Oh? She: I went to type “PayPerPost” on this blog entry I’m writing, and it came out “PayPerPest”. “Hey!!” “Whatsamatta, dude? Your ears burning?” “She’s dissing my expertise, dude!” “I grok the tease … Continue reading

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