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He and She: Stoner Sea

He: “Tell me you weren’t planning to go to the beach today.” She: “OK. ‘I’m not planning to go to the beach today.’ Now tell me why?“ He: “Because you might get busted.” She: “Yes, dear. There is a reason … Continue reading

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He and She: Fooding Around

He: “So how are you feeling, love?” She: “Stuffed. Overstuffed!” He: “Hm, ok. I promise not to sit on you.” She: “Good. You wouldn’t like any of the kinds of ‘throw’ you’d get from me if you tried that.” He: … Continue reading

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He and She: Doughnutty

She: “And you’ll be glad to know that, while you were showering and dressing for the conference that you’re driving to this morning, I got your breakfast ready for you.” He: “Great. Because by the time I get there, I’m … Continue reading

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