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He and She: The Neuropath Less Traveled

She: “Pain.” He: “Sorry, I can’t see through it.” She: “I’d like to see my way through to the end of it, I’ll tell you!” He: “Word. Where does it hurt?” She: “I don’t know.” He: “[…]” She: “Don’t you roll your … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Flu Id

“Dude?” “Yeah?” “haa … aaaa … aaaaaa …. aaaahCHOOO!!“ “Still ain’t funny, dude.” “Dam’ straight it ain’t funny, dude. Happy positive antigen test ta you, too!“ “Ya pretty much made sure a that just now, dude. That, an’ happy fever an’ happy cain’t smell nuthin’ an’ happy bummed out. Thanks … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: Losing COVID Religion, Part Third Degree (UPDATED 20 November 2021)

If you reduce the [COVID-19] infection rate too far, then most of the population does not become infected and that means that once you stop policies such as social distancing the virus can emerge once more and we all have … Continue reading

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