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Dudes In the Time of COVID (The 2020 Year In Rear View)

“Dude?” “Yeah?” “Can I get up now? Is it safe?” “No.” “WaaaAAAAaah!!” “Suck it up, buttercup.” “Dude! If’n I suck ennythin’ else up, I’m a-gonna blow! Mad cops, mad Presidents, mad bombers, volcanoes goin’ nuts, businesses goin’ broke, and ever’body havin’ ta stay put an’ take … Continue reading

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Kris an’ Murphy: Preemptive Exit

Kris: “Merry Christmas, Murphy. Still got your job?” Murphy: “No.” Kris: “What?!? What the [deleted] happened?? I haven’t seen any departmental closure or dismissal notices, and the furloughs are only a threat, against which the union is screaming. And rightly … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: Phantom Chasm

It is a sunny, warm December day in sunny California, marred only by a burnt umber haze on the eastern horizon, the first hint of the oncoming winter fire season. Christmas decorations hang from the trees and shrubs in the … Continue reading

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