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Amoeba’s Lorica: One Fine Day Backstage

Overheard during rehearsals for an orchestral concert in Hawaiʻi Nei: Female voice: “Anyone know the score?” Male voice: “For which work? The Beethoven? The Mozart? The Sibelius?” F: “The NFL! There’s a playoff game going on right now, and I … Continue reading

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Screwtape The Third: Terms of Entry

“Studying hard, Wormsap?” “Studying topside video archives, Master Screwtape. Hard is for the mining goblins, being trained to harvest adamant from the ice-bound lava flows. This training is for topside recruiters and contract sellers.” “Got it. But, black and white?” “The … Continue reading

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He and She: A Nice Hawaiian Shirt

She: “Honey?” He: “Yes, m’love?” She: “How’d you like a nice Hawaiian shirt?” He: “Su … uuh, where are you going with this?” She: “To my sewing room. Where did you think I was going with that? Don’t you like the shirts that I … Continue reading

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