Dude and Dude: Prism Sentence

“Didya catch it, dude?!?”

“Afta I got my flu shots like ever’body’s been screamin’ at me ta do? I damn well hope not!”

“Not tha germs, dude! Tha unicorn!

“… tha whut?”

“Tha unicorn, dude! How couldya have missed it?”

“‘Cause a dude I know wuz smokin’ my last bag a weed?

“C’mon, dude! Wit’ a fart that big an’ beautiful, it couldn’t a been far off! Ya got enny idee how much bread a live unicorn would get us?”

“Yeah. ‘Bout as much as a winnin’ Powerball ticket. An’ almost as likely! I’m saprised ya didn’t ask me how come I didn’t get tha leprechaun too.”

“Well, why didn’t ya?”

“I got ta tha end a tha rainbow, an’ all I got wuz a note a apology. He wuz flyin’ ta Hawai‘i from Dublin an’ wuz saposed ta be here fer me, but he got bumped offa overbooked United flight in Los Angeles. He wuz last seen wanderin’ inta a construction zone in one a tha LAX terminals. They lost 17 tourists in there las’ week.”

“Dude. Ya ‘spect me ta believe that?”

“What? ‘Bout tha lost leprechaun?

“Nah, tha lost tourists. They lose that many in a day in LA.”

“Gotta watch out fer that fake news, dude. It might send ya chasin’ afta unicorns, ‘r pots a gold at tha ends a rainbows. But I gotta question.”


“If’n there ‘r rainbows, dude, howcum they ain’t no rainarrows, huh?”

“Dunno, dude, but I’d be happy there ain’t if’n I wuz you.”


“If’n there wuz rain arrows, they’d need ta be rain targets fer ’em. An’ a certain dude a my acquaintance’d be a nice big juicy fat one.”

“An’ who would that … Hey!!!

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  1. nathalie says:

    LOL. Nice.

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