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Kris an’ Murphy: The Last Laugh

Kris: “Wow. That Brexit vote really whipped up a sandstorm, didn’t it, Murphy?” Murphy: “You could say that, Kris. And I’m reading that most of the ‘Leave’ voters had no clue what they were voting for.” Kris: “Like, major stock … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: The 8 Team

“Ya know, dude, there really oughta be less hate in tha world, yeah?” “Not sure ’bout this, dude. Y’fraid yer mother will faint?” “Hate, dude. Not ain’t. We did that a’ready. ‘Member?” “Oh. Yeah. Right. But ain’t that gonna confuse … Continue reading

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Screwtape The Third: Adversary-al

“So why are you showing me this, Wormsap? It’s just another piece of [ptui!] the Adversary’s propaganda. There’s enough of it – for all the good it seems to be doing old lock-Jah, given events topside. I thought you had … Continue reading

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