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Reg and Syd: Klondike Barred

Reg: “Puppies, Syd?” Syd: “Wolf cubs.” Reg: “Same difference.” Syd: “Not when they’re in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. And before you get started ripping me over ‘environmental codswallop’ again, let me remind you. I task my Research Director with … Continue reading

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Kris an’ Murphy: John James Pokémon

Kris: “Wo-ah! Somebody’s got to tell Brent to take a chill pill or something, before he ruptures an artery!” Murphy: “Or sets off some freshman’s trigger and gets himself fired.” Kris: “Word. I mean, I’m not exactly thrilled about this … Continue reading

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Amoeba’s Lorica: Meme-ories 6 (I, Human)

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