Christmas 2013: Day 9

Christmas 2013 Day 9 image“Hey waitaminute, dude! Shouldn’t that say ‘2014’ up at tha top a tha page?”


C’mon, dude, New Year’s Day was yestaday! It’s 2014 now! So shouldn’t that be 2014 up there?”

“What? An’ make people think they slept through tha year already? Ya wanna start mass panic ‘r somethin’?”

“Hey, that oughta be fun! ‘Hey dudes, tha zombies stole 2014 while ya weren’t lookin’! Yee haa!'”

“Worse. Happens ever’ year. Groundhog Day in reverse.”

Gnarly!! ‘Hey, dude, dig my kid. He’s 500 years old!’ ‘Yeah, dude, so how come he’s still in diapers, huh?’ ”Cause a year’s only got two days in it!'”

“Sorry, dude, ain’t gonna happen.”

“Downer. Why not?”

“Thing that starts in Year X still is known as happening in Year X even if it slops over a bit inta Year X plus 1. National Football League’s still playin’ its 2013 season even though tha playoffs are in January 2014 an’ the Super Bowl ain’t till February. An’ we all know that football is God. Sure as hell makes more money than God. Ask any church ’bout that, ‘specially if services conflict wit’ a game.”

“Awright, OK. But I sure hope OC ‘members ta put the right year down when datin’ his checks?


“Yeah, dude. How old folks pass money around. ‘Cause they didn’t have cells in prehistory.”

“Oh. Phew! I thought fer a sec ya were tellin’ me that OC was some sorta strange kinda pervert I never heard a before.”


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