Christmas 2013: Day 10

Christmas 2013 Day 10 image“Happy New Year, Jack!”

“Happy New Year to you too, Miguel. We ready for the last big herd of Christmas cattle … um, Christmas season airline travelers?”

“Tell ya what, Jack. We’re all really looking forward to having some easy weeks after this, you know what I mean? You wouldn’t believe what some of these holiday rookies try to get through security!”

“Well, that is good for the resales.”

“And our dividends. We know, Jack. But some of us are ready to trade some of those bennies in for a little less nasty Twitter traffic, yeah?”

“Hang in there, Miguel. Just a couple more days, and then we deal mostly with the seasoned travelers for awhile. Fewer jackknives in the bin, but also lower stress levels.”

“We’re ready. Man, are we ready. Gotta tell you, though, screening this season’s suitcases has been a trip. I swear, I’m expecting one or more of them today to have ten lords leaping out of it. To go with the ones that try to sneak partridges and pear trees through. These things got everything imaginable in them. Except one thing only.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“A suit! Go figure …”

“I’m going to think about that one while I go inspect the next checkpoint. Protect and Serve, Miguel!”

“OK. Tell the family I said ‘hi, Jack …'”

Grrrrrr …!

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1 Response to Christmas 2013: Day 10

  1. OC, think about it… Assuming Jack and Miguel work for TSA and pass bins through x-ray machines, most of “stressed” and “seasoned” travelers try to remember to throw our 16 oz. bottle of water out of our travel bag before taking our shoes off.

    Happy New Year.

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