Fall On Your Knees

“The whole season?!?



Now what’s your problem?”

“That song, dude! Ain’t you been listenin’ to it?”

“Dude, every Christmas song in the world has been on autoplay since, like, July. And they’re all, like, a million years old. If I started listenin’ to ’em, they’d drive me crazy. Too late for you, I know …”

“Well, I ain’t doin’ it, that’s all.”

“Listenin’? This is new how?

No, dude. Spendin’ all of the fall season on my knees. Ain’t gonna happen.”

“Hmm. Y’might have a point, dude. Maybe the malls should think twice about playin’ that song.”


“Yeah. Y’sure as hell ain’t gonna do no Christmas shoppin’ stuck in that position.”

“Stuck is right, dude! I’d never get up again!”

“One less thing for the chicks to worry about, dude.”

Hey!! Little blue pills to you, too!

“Merry Christmas from your friendly neighborhood health insurance company, dude.”

“I ain’t got no health insurance, dude, and you don’t either. Costs too much.”

Precisely, dude.”

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