Jeez, dude!”


“Like, I get the life-size pinup of the chick on that wall of your bedroom …”

“The blonde wearin’ nothin’ but a Santa hat?”

“Yeah. Her. I s’pose even someone like you can dream. But, the dude on the other wall? That scares me.”

“Don’t see why it should, dude. It’s just symmetry.”

“So it’s not like you oughta be tellin’ me somethin’ I should know?”

“Not like that, dude. What’s today?”

“Christmas Eve.”

” ‘Zactly. And you’ve never thought that, after two thousand years, she might get lonely?

“And after two thousand years, you decided to do somethin’ about that. Which I suppose means that the dude in the buff is …”

“Christmas Adam. Of course. And when you put the two together, you get …”

“A porn movie?”

Married Christmas, dude! Sheesh. What’s wrong with you? You look like someone who could drop an eggnog.”

“I could drop a noggin, dude. Yours!

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