“Y’know, dude, I’ve been thinkin’ …”

Jeez, dude! Stop it!! You’ll set off the smoke detectors! Y’want OC to blast holes in our ceiling too?

“Too late, dude. What I was thinkin’ was that, when we finish sprucin’ this place up …”

When is right, dude. Y’wanna be talkin’ ’bout this maybe after your baaaaa-ck road stops bleatin’?

“As I was sayin’, dude. When we finish sprucin’ up this place an’ all, we oughta take the leftover paint and stuff and set up a room over at that Facebook development. I hear it’s fillin’ up pretty fast.”

“I dunno, dude. From what I hear, the landlord over there’s pretty squirrelly. Lots o’ money, not all that friendly. Kinda like that computer dude you like so much, the one who’s made megabillions peddlin’ those blue windows of death you keep buyin’.”

“Well, dude, some dudes of my acquaintance persist in spending three times as much money to buy spinnin’ rainbows of death. And at least the Facebook dude gives to schools, instead of spendin’ all his time screamin’ threats an’ murder at teachers like your fave billionaire dealer in ‘puter trash.”

“Y’know why he’s doin’ that, dude?”


“To save Face, dude!”

“Just in time for us, dude. So are we gonna go over there, or not?”

“I’ll think about it, dude.”

“And you’re yellin’ at me ’bout settin’ off the smoke detectors?!?”

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7 Responses to DeFacebook

  1. Thom says:

    I think the dudes need to see tonights episode of 60 Minutes!!!

    • Amoeba says:

      They’ve been kicked out of the TV room, Thom. Already had their quota of tube today, and then some. Besides, I’m sure they’ve already downloaded most of the gossip from the internet.

  2. I’ll add some smoke by thinking, too. The Dudes made quite some points there.

  3. Karen A. says:

    Dudes. Like a megabillion ROFLMAO points.

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