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“You like this any better than ‘sprinklers on steroids’, dude?” “Not really, dude. Kinda sheepish, you ask me.” “Sheepish, dude? Like it’s got somethin’ to be ashamed of or somethin’? It’s a picture of a peaceful country lane. What is … Continue reading

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New Digs

“Like, wow, dude!” “Yeah, dude, I do like wow. Sometimes.” “Who’d ‘a thunk it? Our very own place!” “Yeah, dude. But how we gonna tell time?” “Like, with your cell phone?” “But we don’t got the da Silvas upstairs no … Continue reading

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Dude and Dude: Tune In Or Else

“Du-UUUUUUUUUDE!!” “Jeez, dude! What is it?” “Omygawd, dude, it was horrible! Horrible!!” “It must have been, dude. You’re shakin’ like a leaf. What the hell happened? Did ‘World of Warcraft’ crash?” “Worse.” “Did you wipe out on your skateboard?” “Worse!” … Continue reading

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