“You like this any better than ‘sprinklers on steroids’, dude?”

“Not really, dude. Kinda sheepish, you ask me.”

Sheepish, dude? Like it’s got somethin’ to be ashamed of or somethin’? It’s a picture of a peaceful country lane. What is your problem?”

“The ‘country lane’ bit, dude. Y’might say it was a baaaa-ck road.”

“So what do you want up there, dude?”

“Well, dude, I thought a halo screenshot might be nice.”



“We ain’t on Quilly’s blog no more.”

“Not that halo, dude. This Halo. Hey! Y’think they’d let us peddle video games here?”

“I’d like to see it, dude.”

“Us makin’ money off this blog? Gnarl…

No, dude. You pedalin’ a video game. So if you’re pedalin’ to power up three or more consoles at once, does that make it a networked game?”

“Dude …”

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14 Responses to Decoratin’

  1. nessa says:

    *waving off the smoke*

    Empty pizza cartons and sheets on the windows is not decorating.

  2. Thom says:

    Well what I can’t figure out is why there isn’t a picture of Friday Harbor or something up there. But oh well. I think it looks old manish/womanish my self. But shh…don’t tell that to Q

    • Amoeba says:

      “Nah, dude, we don’t need no tame stock photos up here. We need somethin’ hot. Somethin’ smokin’.”

      “Or someone, dude.”

      “Careful, dude. Remember, whatever we do’s gotta get by OC.”

      “Why do we always gotta do what he … OK, dude, I get it. Get yer pinkie off the delete key, ‘fore you hurt somebody.”

  3. karen a. says:

    Amoeba Amoeba !!!

  4. karen a. says:

    Hey Tilden ! Are you talk(s)ing … ?

  5. Happy decorating, Dudes! I must say the header looks to calm for the heat you’ll bring to this blog 😉

    • Amoeba says:

      “Did we ever find out about heatin’ this place, dude?”

      “Not yet. Unless you count your hot air.”


  6. Bill says:

    You need a picture of Bill n Ted from the Movie Bill n Ted. You don’t want a picture of me though. 🙂

    • Amoeba says:



      “I just heard OC say somethin’, and I didn’t understand it.”

      “Wha’d it sound like?”

      “Don’t know for sure. Somethin’ like ‘tweedledum’. You ever heard of a tweedledum?”



      You don’t wanna know.”

  7. karen a. says:

    “Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again!”

    • Amoeba says:

      “What’d we do, dude? Walk into a wall or somethin’? Wasn’t this Magoo blind?

      “For the kind o’ money Magoo brought in, dude, I’d break my nose.”

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