Dude and Dude: Singin' 'n' Dancin'

“Hey dude!”


Get a load of OC!

“Dude. I congratulate you.”

“Um … thanks, dude. But why?

“Because for once, you got it right. Twice, yet.”

“Should I be worried about this?”

“First. The way he’s chewin’ up the scenery, he really is a hay dude.”

“I knew it …”

“Somebody shoulda told him that the square dancing he did in gym class in the fourth grade maybe could take him a long way, but, in his case, it wasn’t long enough.”

“Well, that was a few years ago.”

“Was Washington the President, or Jefferson? Second. He is a load these days, ain’t he?”

“That lady did say somethin’ ’bout a tub o’ butter.”

“Yeah, she did. My Fair Mister. Ha! I don’t wanna be layin’ the ‘f’ word on OC or nothin’, but I reckon he won’t be gettin’ himself on the cover of no fancy magazines anytime soon.”

“But, dude. The, uh, plump look worked out fine for Bob Hoskins, y’know.”

“So you’re sayin’ OC was miscast? He should be doin’ cartoons? Or … I’ve got it! Superhero movies!”

Superhero movies, dude?”

“Yeah! The Batman franchise. He’d be perfect!

“He is a little outa shape for the Caped Crusader …”

“Not him, dummy! The Penguin!

No, dude. Just no.”

“But why not?

“Because you know as well as I do what happens to the Penguin when he waddles into Batman’s way. And if that happens to OC as Penguin, it happens to us!

“What’s that, dude?”


Command-X, dude! How many times do I … oh, s ….”

– O Ceallaigh
Copyright © 2010 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.
All opinions are mine as a private citizen.

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4 Responses to Dude and Dude: Singin' 'n' Dancin'

  1. tilden says:

    don’t discount
    lame dancing or pot bellies

    bob hoskins is hot

  2. Karen says:

    Dude and Dude.
    Once Again.
    Paradise Regained.

    • The Amoeba says:

      “Wow, dude. Reckon we’ll see her again?”

      “Yeah, dude. At the craps table.”

      “At the where?

      “Go wash out your ears, dude.”

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