Dude and Dude: Paradise

“Dude! Is that a Hawai‘ian shirt?”


“Kinda outa place here, ain’t it? And it looks real weird when you tuck it in.”

“Can’t help that, dude. There, untucked is ventilation. Here, it’s refrigeration. And I can’t afford hypothermia. Docs would thaw me out, only to put me back on ice with their bills. Gives me something to remember the place by, though.”

“You miss Hawai‘i?”


“How come?”

“‘Cause I ain’t close enough to hit it, dude!

“C’mon, we met some cool dudes there!”

“Some hot chicks, too.”

“Riiight. Sorry, but ogling with high-power binoculars does not count as ‘meeting’. And they had too much sense to let you get any closer.”

“No, dude. I had too few.”

“Same difference.”

“But you know, dude, that’s just it. There always seemed to be something wrong in Hawai‘i, practically from the moment OC got off the plane. If it wasn’t the chicks, it was the language, and if it wasn’t the language, it was the prices.”

“Or the native wildlife.”


“Stop complainin’. That post’s got more hits this year than the whole blog got this time last year.”

“You heard much complainin’ since we got here?”

“Come to think of it, no. Things have been pretty copacetic.”


“Never mind. Oh, the internet around here’s kinda wonky sometimes, but mostly what you hear about from OC and Quilly is hummingbirds and fair ladies. It’s almost like we left Hawai‘i to find paradise.”

“Find what?

Paradise, dude. Paradise!

“Aha! I get it! This is about trying to get me into the casino, ain’t it, dude?”

Casino?!? What the hell are you … Oh. Craps.”

– O Ceallaigh
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All opinions are mine as a private citizen.

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4 Responses to Dude and Dude: Paradise

  1. Karen says:

    Dude. A cheeseburger by any other name is still a blue cheeseburger in Paradise.

  2. Quilly says:

    Karen – -the Blue Cheeseburgers at The Shack in Hawaii Kai were my favorite part of Oahu — oh, and Thom, of course. One couldn’t ask for a better friend than Thom.

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