Dude and Dude: Twenty Twenty(hic!)-One

“Um, dude?”

“Um, whut?”

“I just thoughta sumthin’.”

“Jeez, dude. Couldn’t ya wait ‘least until noon ta start doin’ shots? Ya start now, won’t be nuthin’ left fer when tha ball drops, yeah?”

“Ya sure we care, dude?”

“Care ’bout seein’ 2020 tha hell outa tha door? Well, yEAh! I wanna be right there when it happens. An’ not too drunk ta scream an’ shout, ya feel me?”

“Yeah, dude, hold that thought. Ya dig that 2021’s tha first year a tha third decade a tha 21st century?”

“Second year.”

First. Look it up. But that’s aside tha point. Tha century is 21 years old tamorrow. That means it’s legal, dude. Old enuff ta drink!

“Crap! Is it ready fer this? Are we?!?”

“Dude. Take a look at all what’s gone down since 2001. Specially tha last four years, and double specially in 2020. Then, ya tell me.”

“Cain’t we, like, postpone this ‘r somethin’??”

Tried that in tha 20th century, dude. Didn’t work out so well.”

“Crap. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap!”

“Yeah, well, wuzn’t it you what was tellin’ me sumthin’ bout 2021 an’ hold my beer?”

“[…] Duck an’ cover, dude.”


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3 Responses to Dude and Dude: Twenty Twenty(hic!)-One

  1. Quilly says:

    Let’s hope 2021 has a sober designated driver.

  2. nathhoke says:

    OMG. Now I’m really worried. But not all who age as far as 21 drink. Maybe 2021 will be sober.

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