He and She: Bedtime Buggy

He: “Good night, love.”

She: “I don’t [ptui!] think so!”

He: “What’s the matter? Not sleepy?”

She: “No! Because you haven’t saved me yet! You’re supposed to be my rescuer!

He: “And what am I supposed to be rescuing you from?

She: “The bugs!

He: “The bugs is bugging you?”

She: “Right. Here’s what’s up doc, you looney tune. The bugs are bugging me!”

He:What bugs?”

She: “The little ones that keep [ptui! ptui!] flying into my mouth!”

He: “Oh. You mean the gnats.”


He: “Sorry, not my department. You need the right hero for this job.”

She: “And just who would that be?”

He: “Who else? Gnatty Bumppo!”

She: “Are you trying to be the last of the Mohicans or something? What about those bugs on the ceiling? What if they start flying into my mouth??”

He: “Don’t think so. Not that kind of bug. Especially if you keep staring at them and worrying about them.”

She: “Well, what kind of bug are they?”

He: “Crick beetles.”

She: “[…] As in ‘crick of the neck?'”

He: “Yeah …”

She: “Have I told you lately that you’re too much work? Good night!”

He: “Hey. Isn’t that what I said way up at the top of the page?

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  1. Quilly says:

    Okay, reader, you say that following Charley’s line of thought while reading his posts is too much work? Try living with him.

    (Of course I love you, honey, but sometimes you are too much work.)

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