He and She: Root Causes

She: “I can’t believe it. I thought it was still morning, and suddenly it’s four in the afternoon! Ever since the school year ended, I’ve had no idea what time it is, I hardly know what day it is. And I forget things! I need a routine!

He: “Wish I could help. Maybe if you told me what kind?”

She: “What kind?

He: “Yeah, you know. Yams? Rutabagas? Beets?”

She: “So you think, if the consequence of forgetting things was a beeting, I’d remember better? Thanks a lot!

He: “Parsnips?”

She: “Carats.”

He: “Too rich for us. And stony. You might think that diamonds are your best friend, but Ms Bank Account disagrees.”

She: “Aw.”

He: “But I’m just as happy about the parsnips. So ordinary. Now birdiesnips I could get excited about.”

She: “Just what I need. Chopped feathers in my dinner. Or my calendar. Not the kind of routine I could get excited about!”

He: “Yeah, I was going to ask about that.”

She: “About what?

He: “Why teens? Would roottwentysomethings be too tough?”

She: “Well, yeah. And big. You wouldn’t be wanting me to bite off more than I could chew, do you?”

He: “OK, but teens are kinda famously random. How’s that going to help you keep a schedule?

She: “Maybe if we dressed them up as cheerleaders. That way, they could line up at breakfast every morning and root ‘Pill, pill, pill!‘, so I’d remember to take my meds!

He: “So you want them to be pills?”

She: “You mean they’re not already?

He: “Let’s just say that the ones who have been using depilatories will not be happy with you. Maybe we should just have one teen, and let that one live with us.”

She: “And that would help how?

He: “Well, we could then root for the home teen. On a schedule, of course.”

She: “Riiiight. I think I’m just going to learn how to set up my calendar app.”

He: “Good plan.”

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  1. quilly says:

    Carats are still my favorite vegetable.

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  3. Tora says:

    lol funny…

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