Amoeba’s Lorica: The Bluebirds of …

bluebirds fly over the rainbow ...?If pretty little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow

Bird:Dammit, Blue, how much farther?!?

Blue: “Shut up and keep flapping.”

Bird: “But for why? I’m flappin’ as hard as I can, and I ain’t gainin’ no altitude. An’ that blessed rainbow ain’t no closer than it was! I’m wet an’ cold an’ I can’t breathe! It ain’t like we got pressurized cabins or nothin’ fer up this high, y’know.”

Blue: “Yeah? You got enough breath to mouth off.”

Bird: “Ya wanna hear mouthin’ off?!? I’ll give ya mofffmmmffmmmffmmmptui!

Blue: “Look. We can do the blue streak thing without the bad language, ‘k? Keep it clean.”

Bird: “Bah. If I didn’t need it ta hold feathers, I’d give ya tha bird.”

Blue: “Too late, Bird. I’m already stuck with you.”

Bird: “And all this time I thought us birds was free. Tell me, O Great Flight Leader. Why are we doin’ this stupid thing?”

Blue:Because, we’re supposed to be able to fly up over and beyond the rainbow. Says so right up at the top of the page there.”

Bird: “It ain’t happenin’, Blue.”

Blue: “No. It isn’t happening. And if we can’t do it, those poor pathetic wingless humans down there got no business even thinking about it.”

Bird:Huh? Them ‘poor pathetic hoomans’ what nearly drove us ta extinction?!? What’re we worried ’bout them for?”

Blue: “So we have some faint chance of talking them out of trying to do it again?

Bird: “Hokay. If that’s the way it is, then they may as well know the score …”

Blue:Put. The. Cell. Phone. Down!!

Bird:WhaaaAAaatt?? We’re songbirds, dammit. Tweetin’ is what we do!!

Blue: “Uh huh. So when we’re done with this, we can swoop down on your mansion and have the staff serve us nectar?

Bird: “80 proof, with grasshopper garnishes. Yo, can I help it if our lawyers was moltin’ while this internet thingie was goin’ down? Sometimes ya just gotta pick up tha pieces an’ move on, ya feel me? Some things ain’t meant ta happen.”

Blue: “Like, chasing rainbows?”

Bird: “Yeah, like.”

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